To nominate the sporting great you believe deserves a place in the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame use the form below.

You can nominate your hero, at anytime, but please read the following selection criteria carefully before submitting your nomination.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Inductees of the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame must be:
    • A person born in Scotland or a person who (under the rules of their sports governing body) is, or would have been, eligible to compete for Scotland.
    • A person who has been retired from top level participation for two years or more.
    • Inductees will have retired from their main sport or top level tour, but may still be competing at some level (e.g. have taken up another sport or competing on a senior tour).
  2. Inductees can only be drawn from recognised sports
  3. Inductees can be drawn only from the following categories of participation: coach, competitor, medical practitioner, technical official, referee, sports writer, broadcaster or photographer.
  4. Patrons of the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame and members of the Selection Panel can be nominated and considered for selection, however, they must be absent from any discussions about their induction.

In all cases the final decision rests with the selection panel. The selection panel reserves the right to remove any inductees from the Hall of Fame, if deemed necessary.

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