Kenneth Grant MacLeod

(B.1888 - D.1967)
Cricket, Rugby Union, Football, Golf, Athletics
Inducted in 2010

K.G. MacLeod was a true multi-sportsman in his day, displaying prowess in five sports, namely rugby, cricket, football, athletics and golf. As a result, he came to be regarded as the greatest Scottish all-round athlete of his generation. As a pupil at Fettes College, Edinburgh, he developed into a promising rugby player and was first capped for Scotland at the age of 17.

K.G. went on to Cambridge University and during his time there won a further nine caps. He was commended as a sublime kicker and an unstoppable runner, exhibited by scoring a breathtaking try against the Springboks in 1906. He gave up rugby at the age of 21 due to his father’s deep concern that he would be injured in the sport.

Rugby’s loss was cricket’s gain, however, as K.G. became captain for Lancashire County Cricket Club between 1908 and 1913, scoring 2,619 runs and an average of 22.77. While in the Manchester area, he also played football for Manchester City.

Records indicate that K.G. was also a Scottish long-jump champion and that he went on to win the Amateur Golf Championship of Natal. He died on 7 March, 1967 at St James on the Cape Province, South Africa, at 79 years of age.

Kenneth Grant MacLeod